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Learn nad e ali

The town of Nad-e Ali was built in as part of the HAVA irrigation project, and was settled by 3, predominantly Pashtun families who were given newly arable land. On 9 Februarysoldiers from the Parachute Regiment were patrolling in north of Nad-e Ali district when they were hit by small arms fire, resulting in two fatalities. Ina patrol formed of soldiers from the Household Cavalry Regimentand the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion were involved in a 40 hour long gunfight with Taliban fighters in and around the town.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Nad e-Ali. District in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

learn nad e ali

Central Statistics Organization. Retrieved 15 December Archived from the original PDF on 27 October Retrieved 3 August Afghanistan 2nd ed. Oxford Pakistan Paperbacks. Districts of Afghanistan by province. Categories : Districts of Helmand Province Afghanistan geography stubs. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from November Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Nad Ali. This Helmand ProvinceAfghanistan location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.By sunnilove2hussainAugust 18, in General Islamic Discussion.

Call on Ali, He is able to bring about the extraordinary. You will find him an effective supporter in all calamities. All worries and sorrows will soon disappear. O Ali! The parts underlined above mention whom? Is it saying by the greatness of Allah swt and by theprophethood of Muhammad sawaw that ali as will be able to help or otherwise? Read it again and I think it should help you out. Actually, no. That Imam Ali's name is repeated doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.

The last line should be read as being in the same sentence as the previous line. Is OP asking just about the underline or is he asking about the first 5 lines of calling on Ali where you get his support from the underlined?

I read it as Ali is helping because of Allah's greatness and Prophet's Prophethood and his vilayat. Does this dua say This? Why does it say "by your greatness OF O Allah"? Yes, the 'of' is a mistake in the translation. As for your first question, no. It doesn't say By the greatness of Allah and so on.

Whether a literal translation is what the spirit of the dua is is, of course, another matter. Here Ali mean Imam Ali a.

learn nad e ali

No one except Allah has ability to hear and grant the prayers. Considering the same for anyone else besides Allah is like you have considered that person an illah deity. We understand Shirk, really well. We are very familiar with the Shirk that infests the Muslims. Ali ibn abi Talib is known as mazhar al aja-ib and mazhar al ghara-ib because, as willed by Allah, he used to appear in different forms to carry out divine plans under very special circumstances.

These two epithets are exclusively reserved for Ali. Even today the true believers invoke Allah to send him for help. The famous dua, known as Nadi Ali, which the Holy Prophet recited, as commanded by Allah, at Khaybar refers to Ali as mazhar al aja-ib.

learn nad e ali

Ali ibn abi Talib is also known as mushkil kusha, the remover of hardships. In every age, to many persons he comes personally to remove hardships. Through his name great spiritual achievements are attained. The Holy Prophet, and after him, Ali are acknowledged as the most superior possessors of the spiritual powers. Any one has information to the contrary- need to post it.

Any case.Is it a dua? Naadi Ali, both large and small, are very affective for all purposes, particularly to overcome enemy, to come through tight situations, to withstand crises, to avoid accidents, and to have freedom from danger.

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Before going to meet a person or a group of persons who hold the key to your problem recite it three times, insallah, the outcome will be in your favour. Keep a glass of water in front of you.

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Recite 5 times and make the expectant mother drink the water. The delivery will be easy and painless. A sure protection against enemies and misfortunes if it is written on paper and put on the right arm. TQ for the reply. Based on below info, there are two versions to Naad E Ali then? Yes, two versions. The smaller one is located in that link, and the "complete" one is here.

Thank you all for the reply. However, my net search fail to find the translation to the longer version of nade ali.

Re: Ijazah to recite Nad e ‘Ali

Sorry I thought I'd have it in one of my English dua books, but I don't. I do have it in Urdu. What I'll do is, translate it for you, but it won't be an exact translation, my urdu reading and translating skills aren't the greatest. I'll also scan it and post it on the forum, and perhaps someone else can translate it better for you.

Just be patient, it will be done today inshaAllah. Sorry for the delay. Ok I have the pages scanned up in urdu from Wazaiful Abrar.

Peer will edit my post and attach them since I couldn't attach it :.Post a comment. Google Search Engine. Nad-e-Ali And when My servants ask thee concerning MeI am indeed close to them : I respond to the dua prayer of every suppliant when they calleth on Me — Quran This is what Prophet Muhammad saw recited during the Battle of Khaibar:.

For Every Wish : Read 41 times for 7 days after Fajr. For Hope : Read 25 times for 18 days. For Any Wish : Read times for 12 days. For Initially Success : Read times for 5 days.

Nad Ali District

For Getting Hope : Read 24 times daily. For Any Desires of your life : Read 12 times for 70 days. For Any Hopes of your life : Read 36 or 66 times daily.

For Victory : Read times for 5 days. For Desires : Read times for 12 days. For Every Desires : Read 25 times for 18 days.

learn nad e ali

InshAllah Husband will Love her. InshAllah Husband treat with her with Love. For Any Purpose : Read times in Mosque. For Prophet s. For Difficulties : Read 41 times daily. For Dishearten Patient : The Patient who is dishearten from his life read 7 times on rain water.

For Removal of Tension : Read times daily. For Wealth : Read 91 times daily after Fajr. For Knowledge : Read 77 times daily. For Bit of Scorpio : If someone is bit by Scorpio Read 7 times on that place where he bitthe poison do not effect.

For Magic not Effect : Read 32 times daily after Ishathe magic do not effect on him. For Bad Eyes : Read 20 times for 3 dayshe will save from bad eyes.

For Need of Wealth : If a person who Read 99 times for 3 days after Fajr without talking anyone so he become rich. For Getting Job : Read 21 times daily till he get job. For Removing Tension : Read 41 times daily after every prayer.

For Victory towards Enemy : Read times daily after Isha. For Respect : Read 18 times daily. For Every Success : Read times daily for 5 days. For Quietness : Read 10 times daily. For Fear : Read 50 times daily. For Difficulties : Read times.Quick links. Prophet Muhammad. Muslim Holidays. Ismaili Heroes. Ismaili History. Children's Page. Nasir Khusraw. Qadi Noman. Al Muayyad Shirazi. Ismaili Institute IIS. IsmailiMail Blog. Search the Quran. Nahjul Balagha Hazrat Ali. Invoke Ali, You shall surely find him helping in your troubles Naad-e Ali calligram at the Aga Khan museum We greet each other with a hearty "Ya Ali Madad" everyday and you see faces light up immediately but have you wondered at the history and significance of this greeting?

Even though I do not have access to scholarly texts or reference material at my disposal, I'll make a humble attempt of my own understanding of this piece of history, from oral traditions, general knowledge, web sources and, of course, my personal experience in invoking this powerful prayer.

If anyone has a more detailed account or analysis, I'd really appreciate your contribution. As we all know, Hazrat Ali a. He was only twelve when Prophet Muhammad asked who would come to his help with this work at a family gathering at Abd-al Muttalib's their grandfather house.

Hazrat Ali a. The Prophet blessed Imam Ali a. This meant not only educating the new Muslims about the fresh revelations but also defending the believers from the opposition to this new faith. Prophet Muhammad came to rely on Hazrat Ali's help as his chief commander of his army and with the help of his two-horned sword named Zulfiqar which means 2-prongedHazrat Ali defeated many an army.

Naadey Ali! Nad-e Ali! Invoke Ali! Naad-e Ali! Nade Ali! Ya Ali! Call Ali! O Ali! At the battle at the Fort of Khyber, Hazrat Ali had stayed behind, and when the Muslims were losing hopelessly, Prophet Muhammad called for the help of Hazrat Ali in his prayer to Allah. Ya Ali Bilutfika Adrikani!Really good work Zeeshan. Finally, the Holy Quran says. Thank you Naqvi Saab for your kind reply; God bless you. I have removed the verse and instead I have added verses verses and verses from surah-Maiddah.

Bhai Naad e ali me kisi me Ya Ali ya ali ya Ali h or kisi me be Ali aata h original kounsa h meharbni hogi agar ye Bata den aap. Can i take a screen shot of this nadeali so i can read it as this is uploaded on your website so copy write. Yes man,in sunni kutub and ulema's Akwale ,it is proven that about aulia used to recite nade ali and it is part of thier habitual recitation everyday.

No it's not only confined to Shias. Any Muslim can recite it for seeking help from Allah swt by making Hazrat Ali a. Do read Quran with deep understanding.

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See what Prophet pbuh has told: Bukhari, Vol 2, Book Funerals Al-Janaa'iz. Hadith May Allah guide us all to the straight path! Wassalam and Allah Almighty knows b. Ya Allah madad! I only call Allah for madad.

Revelation 11 3 4

Only Alllah. Tell me! Did he say ya Ali madad? May Allah give yo hidaya before you die. Attention in original arabic end of the dua is writed wrong. Yaaar dil nahi maanta k Allah the supreme of supreme would jo kehta hy k mujhay pukaro may tumhari pukar k jawab du ga Aaap jo established cheez hy ussay chor kar kyu confusions may partay heain??? If you are ill, do you tell Allah to help you to bring you medicines?

Don't you ask your family members as they are able to do so?

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Think for yourself. Assalamualaikum all Muslim brothers Can anyone plz tell me about the prove that nade Ali is sent by Allah through angle jibraeel Assalmualikum bhai I believe in Moulla Ali elah salaam for sure.

For knowledge wanted to know the verse no and the Surah where Naade Ali is there.Aoa sir can u please tel me the exact method or wazifa for getting success in every field of life either personal or professional which one will b suitable for me for best result sidra.

Please check English translation spellings and some have repeated themselves so I wanted to print out but I can't because it cost more than it should have cost And secondly I want you sheikh to assure me the that this dua really works for all the purpose there. Friday, April 29, Below are the Benefits or you can say wazaif of Nade Ali. For Marriage and Wishes Purpose:. For Nikah According your desire :. Ricite 25 times every day after Fajr supplication towards Qiblah and ask alternate persons ought to send proposition to you for your Nikah.

More Marriage wazaif. More Love Wazaif. Recite times and ask Dua to Allah. For Wedding :. For Every Wish :. Recite 41 times for 7 days after Fajr. Dua Fulfillment of Any Need. For Marriage :. Collection of Love Marriage Wazifa. Recite times with beginning and closure with 11 times darood shrif. For Hope :. Recite 25 times for 18 days. For Any Wish :.